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Complete Dinners, One-Dish Meals, Sides and Salads Breads and Biscuits and Desserts

How many times have you wished you could
make someone real, home-cooked meals?


We prepare fresh, nutritious meals for you, and deliver them anywhere in Kingston or Greater Napanee (Ontario, Canada). Whether you’re buying for a busy student, an overworked parent, or just need a break from the cooking, we can help. Your meals are prepared and delivered while they are still fresh, so they can stay in the fridge for 48 hours, or in the freezer for much longer.

Whenever you’re ready you just warm them up and enjoy a real, sit down meal without having to do all the work yourself. In fact, why not order a few, and always have one in the freezer.

How To Order Your Prepared Meals:

At any point in the process, you can contact us to make sure you are able to get your order when and how you want it. (a minimum of 24 hour lead time is required.) Actual food orders can be made by clicking the type of food you want (above), by E-Mail or by Phone.

You can order Complete Dinners, One-Dish Meals, Sides and Salads and Desserts.

You can choose from a number of options Including BeefChicken, Seafood and Vegetarian dinners, or just look at everything! When your ready you can pay by VisaMasterCard or Interac Transfer (from a Canadian Bank).

If you don’t see something that makes you feel like you’re back home, please contact us and let us know what you would like to see on the menu.

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