Soups with Meat

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All of our delicious soups and chowders are made from scratch and go great with our mile-high tea biscuits!

Soups come in 3 sizes:
Senior/Lite = 16 oz (475ml)
Regular = 24 oz (710 ml)
Extra-large = 32 oz (950 ml)

Biscuits go great with Soup - Save 10% by ordering them together.
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3 reviews for Soups with Meat

  1. Martha Turner

    I just had the beef barley soup for lunch and it is wonderful. Lots of beef and barley of course plus veggies and another very tasty broth.

  2. Martha Turner

    The Cajun Corn with Sausage is absolutely delicious! Lots of sausage and vegetables with a lovely broth. Highly recommended.

  3. June

    Amazing soup! Big chunks of beef and absolutely delicious!

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